Wilson Wellness Collaborative represents a cross-sector collaboration of community stakeholders committed to the improvement of health and wellness in Wilson by working to achieve the following goals:

1) The residents of Wilson will be physically healthy

2) The residents of Wilson will be emotionally healthy

3) The youth of Wilson will have healthy beginnings

Wilson Forward serves as the facilitator to numerous community partners who are providing diverse resources, experiences, and leadership to the structure and implementation of a holistic approach to community health. Wilson Forward is facilitating the development of a collaborative community health plan with the joint leadership of Teresa Ellen (Wilson County Health Department) and Candice Rountree (Wilson County Dept of Social Services). Our stakeholders recognize that the most effective strategies for improving the long-term health of our population must have a central focus on the social determinants of health.

By setting social determinants of health as a priority in this collaboration, the Wilson Wellness Collaborativewill address some of the most significant influencesto the health of our population. We will identify goals and actions to developprograms and support practices that promote health and wellness in the Wilson community.  See bottom of page for data points that are indicators guiding our work.

In October of 2018, community stakeholders from various sectors gathered to discuss the priorities and process for this collaborative health plan.  Guided by a planning committee comprised of leadership from the Wilson County Health Department, Wilson County Department of Social Services, Wilson Forward, Wilson Medical Center, United Way of Wilson County, and the Healthcare Foundation of Wilson, the group has convened for 3 collaborative planning sessions with community partners from numerous organizations representing most sectors in Wilson.

Building upon the successful work of two previous community plans led by Wilson Forward (the Beyond 21 and the Youth Master Plan of Wilson County), we have identified 7 interconnected focus areas to guide the process, priorities, goals and actions of the Wilson Wellness Collaborative plan development:

  • Nutrition/physical activity/obesity
  • Substance misuse
  • Food insecurity
  • Affordable housing
  • Mental health and trauma
  • Early screenings and detection
  • Teenage pregnancy and STI’s
  • PreK/early intervention

In our first three collaborative planning sessions, there have been numerous ideas and programs offered for consideration.  Over the next 8 weeks, specific focus sessions will be facilitated by Wilson Forward to develop and document a proposed list of actions for the plan.  A draft document will be presented to all partners for final approval and then presented to the community for implementation.

Wilson County North Carolina Rank (of 100)
Health Outcomes 73
Quality of Life     79
Poor or Fair Health 21% 18%
Health Factors 88
Health Behaviors     74
Adult Obesity 33% 30%
STIs 805.9 647.4
Teen Births 42 29
Food Insecurity 22% 17%
Social & Economic Factors 92
High School Graduation* 75.9% 86.5%
Unemployment** 5.3% 3.8%
Disconnected Youth 21% 15%
Children in Poverty 36% 22%
Children in Single Parent Households 46% 36%

*Note. County and State dataand rankings from Robert Wood Johnson, 2018 County Health Rankings. (Retrieved Jan. 2019). Data for high school graduation rates from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2016/2017 North Carolina’s School Report Card (Retrieved Jan. 2019)Data for County and State Unemployment rates from the North Carolina Department of Commerce, labor and Economic Analysis (Retrieved Jan. 2019)