The future is bigger,

The future is better,

The future is Wilson Forward!

Following the work of our strategic planning process in 2017 to re-define for our core values, mission, and vision; the decision was made to change the name of our organization from Wilson 20/20 Community Vision to Wilson Forward. Ultimately, we have emerged as an organization well prepared for the future. Our work is designed with an approach to tackle deeply entrenched and complex challenges while never losing sight of our community focus and best opportunities. We cultivate initiatives that build on our strengths and connect partners, across all sectors, to achieve significant and lasting changes here in Wilson. Following this re-branding, our priorities do not waiver, and our values guide each decision. We know that together, with our shared goals, we can build a community that hosts a high quality of life for all.

2017-2018 Strategic Planning

In August of 2017, the leaders of Wilson 20/20 initiated a strategic planning process to assess our priorities, focus areas, and resource development tools.  With the assistance of Armstrong McGuire, we conducted interviews and discussion groups with numerous community partners while an online survey was offered for those we could not reach through conversation.  Our assessment confirmed our value to the community and provided us with an opportunity to articulate our mission, vision, and guiding principles to reflect the changes in our community since the organization was formed in 2007.

The Wilson 20/20 Vision was created in 2007 by a group of Wilson citizens representing interests across the community. The group, originally named Wilson Forward Together, quickly came to an understanding that a vision for the future of Wilson would require coordination and support from individuals, organizations, agencies, businesses, and local government.

We are an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life, the educational opportunities, the workforce, and the economy in Wilson, NC.  Our approach and our success is dependent on the participation and support of all major entities in Wilson including government, health care, economic development, business development, churches, education, social programs, and the press.

Roundtable Selects UNC School of Government

The Roundtable – a group of community leaders representing business, government, schools, colleges, health services, and economic development – appointed a search committee to recommend a consultant for formulating a plan to create the vision for Wilson.

After extensive conversations with a wide variety of consultants, regionally and nationally, followed by public presentations by select consultants to the Roundtable and the Wilson Forward Together group, the UNC School of Government was selected to support this planning effort. The findings of this report are documented in the Wilson 20/20 UNC School of Government Report.

Steering Committee Formed

logo-100pcFollowing the selection of UNC SOG, a broadly-based Steering Committee was formed to lead this community-wide (city and county) effort. A smaller Management Committee was put in place to manage the details of scheduling and coordination.

“Wilson 20/20 Community Vision” was selected as the official name for this strategic planning effort, funding was secured, a logo was created, committees were formed to accomplish specific aspects of the planning process, and a set of goals and objectives for the group was created.


The following individuals were instrumental in the creation and design of the
Wilson 20/20 Community Vision:

Mr. Stewart Arens
Mr. Bruce Beasley
Rev. Michael Bell
Ms. Kathy Bethune
Mr. Paul Blake, III
Ms. Barbara Blackston
Mr. Sid Boyette
Mr. Bobby Boykin
Mr. Duran Broadhurst
Rev. Philip Byrum
Rev. Darryl Canady
Mr. Melvin Cooke
Mr. Tom Corbett
Mrs. Rachel Cozart

Mr. Tom Curran
Mr. Morgan Dickerman
Rev. Dr. Janel Dixon
Mr. Bill Edmundson
Mr. Frank Emory
Mr. Grant Goings
Mr. Bowie Gray
Mr. Randy Harrison
Mr. Steve Hart
Mr. Tommy Hawkins
Ms. Sandra Homes
Mr. Rick Hudson
Mr. Ken Hyde
Mr. Edward Jagnandan

Mr. Howard Jones
Mr. Ken Jones
Dr. Norval Kneten
Ms. Sheryletta Lacewell
Dr. Venk Lakshman
Ms. Jennifer Lantz
Mr. Rodger Lentz
Mr. Tim McCarthy
Mr. Craig Myers
Mr. William Myers
Mr. Norm Osborn
Mr. Barry Page
Mr. Jimmie Page
Ms. Jina Patel

Mr. Coalter Paxton
Dr. Larry Price

The Hon. Bruce Rose
Mr. Eliot Smith
Ms. Renee Smith
Dr. Rusty Stephens
Ms. Martha Vick
Mr. Stuart Walston
Mr. John Wiggins, III
Mr. Ellis Williford
Mr. Leon Wilson
Mr. Will Winslow