Our Funding

The success of Wilson Forward is dependent on the partnerships we have with our local community, and many of our partners provide annual investments to support our organization. Wilson Forward operates on a modest budget, and we are funded through the steadfast support of our city and county governments as well as every sector represented through our Board of Directors. Over the past few years, we have established a more significant investment from the corporate and private sector of our community, and in the years ahead, we will strive to build even stronger relationships with our local business partners and individual community members.

We host an annual campaign in the fall of each year, and we appreciate support at all levels!

Thank you to our 2017-2018 donors! 

If you consider Wilson your place to live, work and/or play, then you can be a part of our vision by donating today.

•  INDIVIDUAL DONATION: Click here to print individual donation card.

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Youth Master Plan



The partnerships and collaboration formed by these initiatives are helping our community utilize existing resources more efficiently while strengthening our ability to secure additional resources through grants and other funding agencies.